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Popes Timboon Technology and Gadgets Expo

A charter trip no tech-head should miss

We’re excited to announce that we’re offering packaged tickets to attend the 2016 Technology & Gadget Expo in Melbourne on Sunday, June 26.

Popes Timboon operations manager David Pope said buses would depart Port Campbell, Timboon, Cobden, Camperdown and Colac. He said tickets were now available for $50, which included travel and entry to the expo.

“I’ve always been fascinated by technology. Even from a very young age I gravitated towards gadgets and wowed at the ingenuity of the creators,” he said.

“In truth I’m probably a bit jealous of the creative, innovative people at the cutting edge of technology. It’s just so amazing what they come up with.

“From crazy toys, to the robotics helping disabled people walk – the engineering is out of this world and I’m really looking forward to attending the expo myself.”

The expo will provide an opportunity for people of all ages to take part in interactive demonstrations and experience all sorts of extra sensory gadgetry.

Mr Pope said was more drawn to practical technologies, but also recognised how much fun things like virtual reality could be.

“I’m thankful for all sorts of technology. From the monitors when my children are sleeping, to the telemetry I have at my fingertips on my mountain bike and the complex systems that reduce the greenhouse emissions of our bus fleet,” he said.

Held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, there will be all sorts of simulators and gaming opportunities and a kids space where youngsters can learn about robotics and other concepts that encourage creativity and educational fun.

“I’ll be heading straight to the automotive and lifestyle areas, to see the latest in amphibious vehicles, electric skateboards and drones,” Mr Pope said.

For more information about the expo, please visit www.tgexpo.com.au

Books are essential on 5598 3031 or by emailing info@popes-timboon.com.au

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