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Popes Timboon Nature Frame


Water Usage

Washing a fleet of 30 vehicles 5-6 times per week consumes an enormous amount of water and detergents. To offset this, we collect and recycle all rainwater that falls on our buildings.

Carbon Offsetting & Revegetation

Another aspect of our business includes farming and we have made a conscious effort to revegetate our land to foster and preserve the natural habitat. Over many years we have revegetated significant proportions of our land to offset out carbon emissions and continue to reduce our carbon footprint.

To aid our old growth forested areas, we have installed perimeter plantations of natural flora to reduce the prevailing wind damage. With careful planning we created wildlife corridors to link forested areas, providing our native species a route of travel with limited consequence.

Low Emission Vehicles

Technology has advanced and so too has our commitment to keep informed of, and implement these changes.

The advancement of the low emission technology using Add Blue to diffuse the diesel particles is technology we have embraced. This added layer of technology comes at a cost and requires more maintenance than a generic standard emission vehicle.

We are fortunate to work in a beautiful part of the world, it is a priority for our business to do what it can to ensure it stays that way.

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