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Public Transport

Popes Timboon operate the road public transport network within the Corangamite Shire on behalf of Public Transport Victoria (PTV). Our service connects the communities of Timboon, Cobden and Camperdown with 24 scheduled services each week that meet the VLine train services at Camperdown Station.

Public Transport in regional areas plays a critical role for those who do not have their own vehicle or an ability to drive. Each week we connect our passengers with shopping excursions, medical appointments, social engagements and broader public transport network.

Users of public transport have been found to be of better health generally in comparison to those who use their own vehicle. A study at LaTrobe University found that public transport users are meeting their recommended daily physical exercise in the activity of walking to and from the designated stops and throughout their journey.

At Popes Timboon we are actively promoting the opportunities for the extension of this public transport network through to Port Campbell to PTV in the hope to extend and broaden the user segment.

Information about the service can be found on this website or you can download the PTV Journey Planner App on Google Play or Itunes.

A reminder that no services operate on public holidays. The above timetable is effective as of 27 February 2023.

Our public transport service timetable


Popes Timboon currently operates a public transport route between Camperdown and Timboon, via Cobden.

The timetable operates on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, with a total of 28 services scheduled each week.

The services from Camperdown to Timboon depart the Camperdown Railway Station and run via Pike St, Manifold St, Gibson St, Scott St, McNicol St, Manifold St, Leura St, Camperdown-Cobden Rd, Victoria St, Parrott St, Walker St and Curdie St to Cobden; then via Curdie St, Cobden-Terang Rd, Timboon-Scotts Creek Rd, Morgan St, Bond St, Barrett St, Timboon – Nullawarre Rd (Bailey St) and Curdies River Rd to Neal St, Timboon.

The services from Timboon to Camperdown depart from near the corner of Neal St and Curdies River Rd, Timboon and run via Neal St, Campbell St, Timboon-Nullawarre Rd (Bailey St), Barrett St, Church St, Morgan St, Bond St, Timboon-Scotts Creek Rd, Cobden-Port Campbell Rd, Cobden-Terang Rd, Curdie St, Victoria St, Parrott St, Walker St and Curdie St to Cobden; then via Victoria St, Camperdown-Cobden Rd, Brooke St, McNicol St and Pike St to the Camperdown Railway Station.

For more information or to discuss this service further, please contact Popes Timboon by clicking here.