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Safety First

State and Federal Law do not require school buses to be fitted with safety belts. However, we have fitted all of our buses with safety belts. While this measure incurs considerable additional costs, we see it as an investment that cannot be quantified in monetary terms.

Constant review of our drivers’ skills, road management of vehicles and traffic habits is imperative to maintaining the highest levels of passenger safety.

Modern technology enables our company to embrace advances as they are rolled out within the industry. From ABS to CCTV, we believe any advance that can improve industry standards is of significant benefit to our company and clients.

With Popes Timboon, you can rely on a service that has been taking people safely to their destinations since the 1930s.

Popes Timboon was in the first group of operators in Victoria to commence transitioning to the new compliance regulations. The new accreditation system regulated by Transport Safety Victoria was formally received in March 2013. This accreditation underlines stringent Maintenance Management Systems (MMS) with accountable Management Information Systems (MIS) to provide surety that the business operations meet the regulations as set forth in the act.

Popes Timboon was found to have no gaps in the formal audit of the previous management system, making the transition to the new regulations an easy progression.